Quick-Guide Series: What Every Child Needs-Quick Guidance Lessons Focusing on Social Emotional Learning and Writing




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This resource will assist facilitators who implement social skills groups with no more than 12 students. Each interactive lesson is designed to support a 45 minute session focusing on pro-social “common sense” behaviors. The resource will also assist new counselors who are seeking ways to jumpstart their school guidance program by having a ready to use session guide.

An added feature is that each lesson allows students an opportunity to incorporate writing during every small group session.  Writing is a critical component that is quickly being lost due to texting, Instagram, tweeting, etc.  As such it is important that students have varied opportunities  to communicate in written form as this necessary skill is an important component that will continue to be important in the workplace and other areas of life.

Sample session topics:
-First impressions
-Being polite “saying please and thank you”
-Making healthy choices in friends
-Embracing my uniqueness

This resource includes 10 ready to use 45 minute guidance lessons.

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